Tile Group Panel

The Tile Panel can be used to help you maximize the usable space in your Desktop Sidebar. It allows you to have multiple panels inside your sidebar while taking up a small amount of space. You can expand and contract some or all of the panels inside the Tile Panel in order to see the ones that you want to and hide the rest quickly and easily.

Example: In one Tile Panel you can have 2 Outlook Mail Folders; perhaps your Inbox and Junk-mail folders. You can adjust the sizes of them so that you see more of the Inbox than the Junk-mail folder or vice versa. When you're not worried about your mail, contract the entire Tile Panel to hide both folders in a very small amount of space.

To add panels inside a Tile Panel follow these instructions:

To rearrange the order of the panels in a Tile Panel Click and Drag the Interior Panels by their Titles.

Right mouse clicking on a Tile panel will give a Command Section "Group":