Stack Group Panel

The Stack Panel can be used to help you maximize the usable space in your Desktop Sidebar. It allows you to have multiple panels inside your sidebar while taking up a small amount of space. The Stack Panel will hold other panels, but only expanding one panel and contracting the rest to just their titles.

Example: In one Stack Panel you can have 3 Slideshow Panels; perhaps a panel for Comics, Pictures, and one for Webcams. In this example the Stack Panel will expand the selected slideshow and contract the remaining to their titles. This allows you to view your favorite slideshow while hiding the others in a small amount of space. When you would like to check out one of the other two slideshows, simply click on its title to expand it and contract to others. This is just one example of how the Stack could help you save space in your sidebar.

To add panels inside a Stack Panel follow these instructions:

To rearrange the order of the panels in a Stack Panel Click and Drag the Interior Panels by their Titles.

When you right mouse click on the Stack Panel there is a menu option Group

Right mouse clicking on a Stack panel will give a Command Section "Group":