Command Line Panel

The command line panel provides you with all of the functions of the run command, and then some. You can start programs, search the web, search for an eBay item, look up a movie, a word's definition, or create your own command line function.

To use the Command Line Panel enter the text to search for in the text field and either hit Enter or click the "Go" button to the right of the text field. You can specify the type of search to make by entering a prefix to your search terms. These prefixes will be mentioned later.

To change the Command Line Panel's options follow these instructions:

Right mouse clicking on the Command Line Panel displays a menu of commands for the panel:

Each of the commands will display the where the search will be made and its prefix. You may use these prefixes to perform the specified search at a later times by entering the prefix, a single space, followed by your search term.

As mentioned earlier it is possible to add your own personal Command Line search. To see other customizations that others have created, or to share your own visit the Command Line Customizations forum topic thread. Below is an example describing how the Microsoft Knowledge Base was added to the included searches.

Note: To activate the text field at any time type Win+Q