Plugin: Application Capture Panel Download

The panel allows users to capture external applications into Desktop Sidebar. It can have lots of application specific problems.

Version 4.1, Released April 29th, 2005, New Features:
- Added translation support. Anyone who wants to translate this panel - you're welcome.
- Wait Forever not remembered bug fixed.
- Fixed the redraw issue where the window will disappear after autohide until mouse-over.
- When Release Capture is not relevant it will be disabled.

Version 4, Released March 10th, 2005, New Features:
- Release Capture / Recapture added to the right click context menu.
- Ability to start searching for the window again when its process is terminated.
- Ability to center the captured window in the panel.
- Ability to suppress the notification when the window to capture is not found by the panel.

- Capture engine much improved, no more crashing and hanging of DS.
- New panel icon.
- Option to run file only if it's not already running.
- DSPACKAGE installation file.

- Option to auto-size the captured window to the size of the panel.
- Option to release capture / recapture the window.
- Option to not close the captured application on exit.
- Some bugs were fixed.

The plugin requires that you have build 68 and up.

Some ideas for capturing:
- Notepad (only the text area, not the whole window)
- Trillian
- Calculator

Open the DSPACKAGE file while Desktop Sidebar is running.

Author: GoMa

Downloaded: 104015

Version: 4.1

Updated: 2005-04-29

Compatibility: DS Build 88