Plugin: [UPDATED]IP Address v. 5.1.1 Download

IP Related Information in Seconds

Developed by: yyy

Original idea by: stuffedtiger79 and Alpaca

German translation by: chrisskhc

Based on code by:
Coskun Oba - See in The Code Project

Saurabh Nandu - See in the C-Sharp Corner

Special Thanks
GoMa, KeithI, marines, cs97gh1, Mattisking, chrisskhc (for the German translation of the panel), eitaneko, the Desktop Sidebar development team and everyone who tested the panel. Thank you all very much !!!

v. 5.1.1 fixes a problem with the external IP so it's recommended for anyone to upgrade !!! It also allows you to set the panel to take the external IP information from other XML files.

The IP Address v. 5.1 panel allows you to see IP related information in a fast and visual way through Desktop Sidebar. It is a replacement for the DOS' "ipconfig" and "ping" commands.
With this panel you can see the following information:

IP Addresses
External IP address
Internal IP address

Network adapters
Name and description
Physical address
The network adapter IP address
Host name
Subnet mask
DNS servers
DNS Domain
Default gateway

Pings [NEW]
The new version 5 allows you to ping addresses!!! This is the DOS' "ping" command replacement.

New Features of v. 5
- Ping addresses and see their IP address.
- Fresh new look and feel with new XP-styled icons.
- An option to split the panel's information into groups: Network information, Network adapters and pings. That way you'll be able to find the information faster and easier.
- Better support for multiple internal IP addresses.
- Even more stable and organized than the previous versions.
- Small and organized propertied dialog box which will make it easier for you to configure the panel.
- A context menu which will also make it faster and easier for you to use the panel.
- Updated German translation (thanks to chrisskhc)
- Bug fixed.

Installation Instructions (Please read carefully !!!)
Upgrading the panel will reset all of the panel's settings so you'll have to

Upgrade Users
1) Download the file (IPPanel.DSPACKAGE)
2) Open it while Desktop Sidebar is loaded.
3) Follow the on screen instructions.
4) Restart Desktop Sidebar.
5) Open the file again while Desktop Sidebar is loaded.
6) Follow the on screen instructions.
7) Restart Desktop Sidebar (now you should see that the old version disappeared)
8) Open the file for the last time while Desktop Sidebar is loaded.

New Users
Download the file (IPPanel.DSPACKAGE) and open it while Desktop Sidebar is loaded.

Dear user,
Thank you very much for using the panel - enjoy it :-) I did my best in order to ensure that the panel will work on any computer and in any condition. If you find a bug or if you have any questions you can contact me and find more information about the panel in the Discuss link below.
Notice that this is an Open Source panel which means that you can use or distribute it for free !!! Fell free to use the code or modify it.
Please DO NOT refresh the panel too often - it might cause it to function improperly !!! Thanks.

The panel uses information from (http://www.showmyip.com)

Author: yyy

Downloaded: 172201

Version: 5.1.1

Updated: 2005-09-27

Compatibility: DS Build 85