Publishing Your Panel to the Community

Great! You've finished designing and coding your perfect panel. Now it's time to share it with the world. Do that by uploading the panel to Desktop Sidebar's Extras Page. If your panel is only composed of the basic .dsplugin file, simply upload this file to the Extras Page.

If your panel also includes icons, skins, or other files that must go with it, you need to package them all in a .dspackage file.

Creating a .DSPackage File

A package must include an .install file that tells Desktop Sidebar how to install your panel. You can just use the default .install file because script panels don't need anything special. Download the file to your panel's folder and rename it so it has the same name as your .dsplugin file (keep the .install extension).

Now to create the actual package, you need a zipping program, like WinZIP, WinRAR or Total Commander. Using this program, create a zip archive and put the .dsplugin file, .install file, and all the accompanying files you have in the archive.
Then, change that file's extension from .zip to .dspackage.

That's it, you've got your package and you're ready to upload it to the Extras.

After you uploaded your panel to the Extras Page, you may also create a thread for your panel in the forum to get some constructive user feedback. Do this in the special Panel Announcements forum.